Beer & Wine

The best Georgian biodynamic (no extra sulfite) wines. Pils from the Czech Republic, the motherland of beers. Original Kvas from Belgium. Bubbles from Italy. All these drinks were carefully selected by us to offer you a unique assortment of drinks.

  • Beer Gambrinus, can, 500 ml

  • Beer Staropramen, can, 500 ml

  • Beer Pilsner Urquell, can, 500 ml

  • Beer Krusovice, can, 500 ml

  • Beer Velkopopovicky Kozel, can, 500 ml

  • Kindzmarauli “Tsinandali 1986” semi-sweet red wine 2019

  • OTIA Jgia, Qvevri red dry wine

  • OTIA Chinuri, Amber dry wine

  • Vellino, Saperavi Qvevri dry, red wine

  • AMBRA Khvanchkara Semi-Sweet, red wine

Cheese & Spreads

Besides the best farmers cheeses from the Netherlands and Dutch buffalo mozzarella, we sell several homemade jams and savoury spreads. Of course all of them are without chemical/artificial colours, preservatives and flavours.

  • Pindakaas Witte Chocolade

  • Pindakaas Dadel Kaneel

  • Pindakaas Chilipeper Citroengras

Coffee & Tea

In Amsterdam, roasted coffee from Lot61 is served in the store, but you can take Lot61 beans or grounded coffee home. This coffee brand is on a mission to become a circular coffee brand in every aspect of the field. Lot61 wants to make sure that they use natural resources - materials, energy, water - to leave a positive impact. Tea drinkers have a choice of beautifully wrapped herbal teas, all without caffeine, so it is still tasty and healthy, and safe to drink before going to bed. Founded in 1800 and back from the forties, we started selling roasted chicory: the organic decaffeinated alternative to coffee.

  • Coffee beans Zimzala Lot 61, 250g

  • Coffee beans Lot 61 Layyoo (Ethiopia) 250 g

  • Freshly ground coffee Lot 61 FIVR 250 g

Frozen food

A nice and wide selection of handmade, frozen dumplings, pancakes, and pelmeni as well as cashew-based ice cream can be found in our coldest VkusVill department.

  • Pelmeni Chicken and Cheese, 800g

  • Pelmeni Classic beef/pork , 800g

  • Dumplings Potatoes-Mushroom (vareniki), 800g

  • Frozen pancakes with Vkusvill tvorog and Raspberries, 4 pcs

  • Frozen pancakes “Tradition” with meat, 4 pcs

Import from Russia

Products from Vkusvill in Russia

  • Pickled cucumbers with honey and cranberries – Огурцы соленые с медом и клюквой

  • Pepper in Lecho tomato sauce

  • Sun-dried tomatoes in oil

  • Pepper in tomato sauce

Ready to eat food

Everyday our Russian cooks/chefs prepare fresh dishes, snacks and appetizers with local ingredients. During the rest of the week you will find quiches, potato & vegetable pancakes draniki or beef stroganoff to take home/away. Every Friday night, to kick off the weekend, we’ll serve Georgian pizza khachapuri.

  • Stuffed pepper

  • Chicken Kiev

  • Golubci

  • Draniki

  • Mimoza salad 200 grams

  • Sauerkraut (kvashenaja kapusta), 450 gr

  • Haring salade (seledka pod shuboj) 450 gr

  • Vinegret, 350 gr

Snacks & Sweets

In our store you will find healthy (organic) snacks for children, sausage-shaped sweet candy bar churchkhela made from dried grape juice and walnuts, chocolate, nuts coated with chocolate and fruity meringue.

  • Belyov Marmalade Candy, mixed, 260 g

  • Cowberry smokva, 50 g

  • Plum Smokva, 50 g

  • Cranberry Smokva, 50 g

  • Apple Smokva, 50 g

  • Belyov raspberry zephir, 250 g

  • Belyov blackcurrant zephir, 250 g

  • Belyov zephir “Mixed”, 250 g

  • Belyov apple zephir “Antonovka”, 250 g

  • Belyov pastila with wild berries without added sugar, 100 g

VkusVill Bakery

At VkusVill bakery, we make fresh pastries for you every day. They are perfect for a quick snack or a small bite. You can find beautifully decorated stuffed pierogi, unique sweet pastry, or folded pancakes with different fillings at our stores.

  • Tvorozhnoe Kol’tso (cottage cheese sweet pie) 2 pcs

  • Sochnik (cottage cheese sweet pie) 2pcs

  • Medovik with sour cream cake, piece 150 g

  • Mimoza salad 400 grams

Bread & Pastry

Our sourdough, spelt and wholegrain bread and rolls are coming from Jordi’s bakery in Rotterdam. Jordi uses pure ingredients and the bread is traditionally baked. That’s what we like and that’s why Vkusvill sells it.

  • Borodinsky Brood

Dairy & eggs

Our fresh milk, yoghurt, kefir and eggs are coming directly from De Buitenhoeve and Buitengoed de Boomgaard Dutch farms. For more plant base lovers, Vkusvill offers at least 4 different vegan milks.

  • Boeren yoghurt 1l

  • Boter

  • Eggs 6 pcs

  • Bosbes yoghurt, 1L

  • Halfvolle boeren koemelk, 1L

  • Volle boeren koemelk, 1L

  • Boeren karnemelk, 1L

VkusVill Specials

At our stores, we sell some special products, exclusively made by and for VkusVill. Tvorog and kefir, for instance, were produced together with De Buitenhoeve farm. Since it’s not known in The Netherlands the Russian VksuVill team were trying to get the best result by experimenting, tasting, testing, and finally they found the perfect product. We also have a variety of Russian products made in collaboration with Dutch producers.

  • Baked syrniki, 250g (4 stuks)

  • Glazirovanij syrok with berry jam 3pcs

  • Oreshki with condensed milk – 10 pcs

  • Roasted sirnyki 8pcs

  • Biodynamic Georgian dry orange wine, Abdushelishvili, Rkatsiteli Qvevri

  • Medovik with sour cream cake, piece 150 g

  • Glazirovannyj syrok with condensed milk 3pcs

  • Borodinsky Brood

  • “Kartoshka” cake, 3 pcs

  • Verse tvorog 13%, 500g (Home delivery from Wednesday till Friday)

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