VkusVill Import

  • Coconut Topping “Coconut Condensed Milk”

  • Canned Vegetables Snack ” Zakarpatskaya”

  • Oriental Sweetness (Caramel): “Kozinak Sunflower Seeds”

  • Canned Vegetables “Lyutenitsa”

  • Peace Easy Pate

  • Oriental Sweetness (Caramel): “Kozinak Peanut”

  • Kiwi and Banana Jam

  • Pine Cone Dessert in Sugar Syrup

  • Plum Jam with Lemon and Ginger

  • Lemonade “Cream-Soda”

  • Lemonade “Sitro”

  • Flaxseed Old, Unrefined

  • White Cherry Jam

  • High Quality Cold Pressed Unrefined Sunflower Oil “Premium”

  • Lemonade “Lemon”

  • Spicy Spread

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