New Year

We collected the best New Year essentials for your festive table. Order ready-to-eat dishes and bubbles for your festive table and enjoy the New Year at its best.

  • Kholodets (Beef Jelly) 500 grams

  • Honey cake with sour cream

  • Salad “Olivier” 1 kg

  • Borodinsky Bread

  • Honey Cake with Condensed Milk

  • Salad “Herring under a fur coat” 400 grams

  • Mimoza Salad 400 grams

  • Salad “Herring under a fur coat” 1kg

  • Fermented cabbage 400 grams

  • Smaked Big Sprats in Oil 240 grams

  • Courgette Spread 480 grams

  • Ptich’e Moloko

  • New Year Set for Two People

  • Korean carrot 400 grams

  • Salad “Olivier” 400 grams

  • Vinegret 400 grams

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