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23 November 2021

The Internet platform “Google Art and Culture” has included borscht in the list of ten Russian dishes that have gone down in history.

“The history of borscht goes back centuries, but in the 20th century this simple and hearty soup became the main dish on the menu of cafes from Khabarovsk to Brest. According to the traditional recipe, borscht is cooked with cow parsnip!” – is described in the article. Over time, the cow parsnip was replaced with other ingredients, and the name “borscht” became collective for soups with a sour taste, the authors of the material explained.

They clarified that in cookbooks there are many variants of borscht, and the Ukrainian one with grated bacon and garlic is one of them. This dish can be prepared with different types of meat – bacon, sausages and boiled beef – or with red pepper and smoked pork (“navy”).

Discussions about the ownership of borscht have been going on for more than one day. In December last year, TV presenter Andrei Bocharov wrote a post on social networks about “Russian borscht”, causing a flurry of criticism from Ukrainians. Some of them said the Russians had “stolen” the dish.

At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that borscht is also considered a national dish in Belarus, Poland, Romania, Moldova and Lithuania.

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